There are a lot of different ways we can keep you and your house safe if anything might happen to you. Master system, door control, or combination locks. We make your business environment safe and convenient.


Have you lost your car keys and have no spare?
Don’t worry, we’ll make you a new car key replacement in no time!


We are license and insured, and will always finish a job when the costumer has a smile on they’re face. Car Lockout, House/Office Lockout, Lost Car Keys,
Locks Change/Rekey.


We at Dubai Locksmith strive to provide quality locksmith services at affordable and competitive rates. From cutting a new key for your vehicle to installing a new lock at your home or office.

Need Your Locks Changed? We Can Help.

Did you buy another house and you’re concerned that an outsider may at present have a key that opens your front entryway? Perhaps you have a rental inhabitant that skipped town and now you can’t get into your property. Regardless of in the event that you need assistance with the locks on your home, investment property or business, we can help. Also, best of all, we have choices in new locks and rekeys to fit any need you may have!
On the off chance that you need locks for your business, we offer high-security bolts and ace key frameworks past the locks you may use to ensure your home to build security.

Two of Our Most Popular Options

Choice #1: Rekey Your Existing Locks

On the off chance that the mechanics of your locks are working fine and dandy yet you’re stressed over somebody actually having a key to your property, We can change your current locks to work with another key so any old duplicates will not work anymore. This is called re-keying your locks and is a considerably more financially savvy approach to make sure about your property than supplanting all your entryway equipment and locks. This is additionally a well-known alternative for our clients who need one key that opens all the locks on their property.

Choice #2: Replace Existing Locks

While re-keying existing equipment is more affordable, here and there old entryway locks offer less security or are not stylishly satisfying versus more present-day locks. Huge numbers of our clients incline toward new bolts to re-keying in light of the fact that they can improve equipment or have all the shades of their entryway equipment coordinate a look they like. Whatever reason you may have for changing your lock equipment, we are here to help and every one of our locksmiths have supplied stock in their portable vans to deal with your requirements.

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